How To Read A Mans Body Language And Know Whether He Loves You

Learning how to read a man’s body language can give a lady more insight into what he’s actually thinking and feeling than what he speaks. Women usually and don’t give off as many body language signals which may explain why many guys are so confused as to what a female really wants. Guys on the other hand are more blatant when it comes to body language. What you see is what they feel. Understanding the body language of the man you want to meet or are already in a relationship with can give you some amazing insights into what he is thinking and feeling and help you understand what you need to do to take the relationship to the next level. Yo will also know whether he loves you. To get more information on signs he loves you.

One of the more obvious body language signs to look for in a man is where his eyes are going. While he doesn’t need to be staring deep into your eyes for minutes on end if a guy doesn’t look into your eyes occasionally there’s a good chance he’s not all that interested in you. The one caveat with this piece of advice is shy guys who might be totally into you but unable to look into your eyes. You should be able to tell how shy a guy is by clues such as if you approached him first or if when he smiles his lips are pressed tightly together. He’s happy to see you but afraid to open his mouth and say something. Most guys with at least rudimentary social skills should be able to look into a woman’s eyes occasionally.

Another part of a man’s body to be aware of are his hands. A guy that is really interested in a lady will use more hand gestures when he is talking to her. Men who gesture a lot with their hands while talking to a lady are trying to hold her attention. They will also use hand gestures in an attempt to make sure the female knows what they are talking about. While not all men will communicate this way the majority of them will. So watch a guy’s hands the next time he’s talking to you for some clues to if he is really interested in you.

If a man moves toward you or leans your way while talking to you he is probably interested in getting to know you better. Men for the most part don’t like to be crowded especially when they are dealing with one person so if he moves in your direction he’s probably ready to take it to the next level. Even better if he touches your shoulder, reaches for your hand or puts his hand in the small of your back. These are usually all good signs.

What many women consider common courtesy such as opening a door for them or giving up their coat when the women appears cold can actually mean much more. When a guy cares for something he wants to take care of it and protect it. This goes for the women in his life. He will go out of his way to make sure she is comfortable and protected. So if a guy is treating you this way consider it a good sign. If he doesn’t practice these small acts of kindness it’s a clue for the women to delve deeper into what is actually going on in the relationship.

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