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Everything You Need To Know About Futon Covers

Long appreciated by college students for the comfort and flexibility they provide, futon furniture is often found most anywhere. The combination of low cost and durable construction make futons a favorite with anyone who needs to save space or maximize furniture use. Futon furniture quickly folds open to make an extra bed. A good futon mattress will keep the bed comfortable. And futon covers give owners the option of recovering a worn futon mattress to quickly upgrade any room decor.

Buying new covers is simple. You simply need to know the size of your existing futon. Just measure it for length, width, and loft. Loft means the height of the mattress itself. Knowing these three measurements will help you to order online and get just the right size. Although most fall into the usual categories of twin, full, queen, and king, it is often the case that an unusual size will fall somewhere near those, but not quite exactly. In that case, just contact the manufacturer and ask for a custom cover to be made.

A lot of the fun comes from seeing all the new colors, fabrics, and patterns you can have now. It can be a struggle to choose one over the other. In the end, with prices that are reasonable, you may decide to buy more than one. Some people have a change of cover for each season. Simpler than refinishing furniture and much less expensive, new covers are the answer to a fresh looking room.

If your futon is getting a lot of use, then you should consider buying a machine wash and dry cover. There are lots of them in pretty cotton blends, polyester, and even microfiber fabrics. These covers can easily be treated for stains and washed at home, making upkeep very fast. But, if you have a guest room that you want to update and keep stylish, then there are also silks and suede to help you do it. The difference will be reflected in the price, but most covers range anywhere from tens of dollars to only a few hundreds of dollars. The reasonable prices make change reasonable too.

Though single colored covers have been the standard for quite some time, patterned designer covers are also available. Stripes and overall repeated patterns provide a look of sophistication and luxury. Some fabrics also mimic leathers. Paired with a stylish frame, these covers elevate the futon mattress to a high quality piece of furniture.

Ordering instructions are available to make it easy for you to buy a new cover. Most provide for all the traditional mattress sizes, ranging from double all the way to king size. If you happen to have an unusual size mattress to cover, contact www.fabfutons.com/futon-covers with your unique measurements, and they will create one for you. In many cases, the company will also offer to sell you fabric to make your own, if you are a handy sort of person.

There are a wide variety of enticing futon covers to buy online. With the reasonable prices and happy new patterns, you may decide to stock up far in advance of the stains you know are sure to come. Your futon will always look fresh and new, no matter what.