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Lake Grande Condo The Paradise on Earth

Lake Grande condo is one of the largest natural lakes in the area covering an enormous area of over 3000 acres.To discover more go to this link Lake Grande condo.The water body is surrounded by Hills on all sides.The spot is ideal for panoramic sightseeing, adventure activities, fun-filled picnics, outings, and camping.

Lake Grande condo is a popular hangout for those looking for a place that is a home away from their home. Lake Grande condo has a pleasing environment and a soothing weather, which naturally brings down the stress levels. There are package deals for families who will enjoy all day long in some interesting activities at a reasonable price. There are arrangements for snacks, meals, and adventure sports as well. There is fun for all age groups here, and this is the reason why the place is popular amongst the children, young and the old alike.

If you are a sports enthusiast, the Lakeside could be a hoard of fun for you. Windsurfing and rock climbing are popular activities here. The reasonable height of the Hills makes rock climbing fun filled and challenging without any risks. There are canoeing opportunities as well, and the fun is endless when it comes to boating- one can choose from paddle boat, motor boat or row boat to explore the waters of the lake at their pace. Another adventure appealing to many is to enjoy the lake’s view atop a hot air balloon and experience the bliss of cool wind kissing your cheeks. Other activities include parasailing, kayaking, fishing, nature walks, bird watching and trekking in the Hills.

Many people are interested in overnight stay at Lake Grande condo. For them, there is a luxurious resort with 15 independent and stylishly designed cottages. The cottages have all amenities for a comfortable stay while having an ethnic appeal as well. Families who wish to spend their night under the starry sky can also make use of camping services. There are green lawns and a restaurant serving popular Indian and Continental dishes for the visitors. The lake is also known for the fact that it is home to over 100 species of migratory birds every winter, adding to the beauty of this soothing place.