With Fascia blaster you can get rid of this annoying cellulites

Cellulitis is an inflammation of the skin and underlying Fascia connective tissue, usually the result of a wound or ulcer. Inflammation is a body’s response to trauma and can cause swelling, redness, pain, or feel warm. However, when cellulitis associated with an inflammation that occurs, it can be dangerous. Inflammation is not only the skin, but can spread to the Fascia tissues under the skin (subcutaneously), can even spread to the lymph nodes and bloodstream. Cellulitis can occur on any part of the body, but the areas frequently affected is the feet. Patients who are at risk of cellulitis are those exposed to trauma or injury to the skin area.

Cellulitis is different from the cellulite that may be more widely known to the general public. To find out cellulite, the following illustration of cellulite is actually better known general public. Cellulite is fat lumpy and uneven, which is stored in Fascia small pockets, or in everyday terms cellulite is fat and fibrous tissue that cause uneven skin surface. Cellulite is a normal way to store fat on the surface.

We all have fat as part of our weight, approximately 15-25% for men and 20-33% for women. Fat stored in Fascia fat cells. Millions of these fat cells located side by side, like a sea of ??soft butter balls. Fat in the human body, such as butter, does not have a binding structure, so it requires some ribbon fibers that cross oceans soft fat is to be fused. Sometimes, there are so many of these Fascia fibers tape so gentle sea turn into many lakes that look uneven. That matter, which can cause the formation of cellulite.
Therefore, cellulitis that will be discussed in this article is different from cellulite. Cellulitis is an abnormal condition such as inflammation of the skin and underlying connective tissue, while the cellulite is a normal way the body stores fat in the form of fat and fibrous Fascia tissue that makes the skin surface uneven.